Phantom Fighter

Phantom Fighter

1988 (10/16/1988)

Genre: Action

Phantom Fighter (霊幻道士, Reigen Dōshi) is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 in Japan, and in April 1990 in the United States. The Japanese version is based on the 1985 film, Mr. Vampire (Reigen Dōshi being the Japanese title of the film).

Credits Release date

Release date 10/16/1988
Developer Marionette
Genre Action
Platforms Nintendo Nes


Phantom Fighter 07/31/2014

Phantom Fighter est un jeu d'action qui a vu le jour sur Famicom en 1990. Vous incarnez un combattant chinois expert en arts martiaux. Accompagné de votre élève vous...



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