Portal (1986)

Portal (1986)

1986 (11/01/1986)

Genre: Interactive fiction

Portal is a mix between a computerized novel and an interactive game. It was published for the Amiga in 1986 by Activision, written by Rob Swigart, produced by Brad Fregger, and programmed by Nexa Corporation. Versions for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and MS-DOS were later released. Versions for the Apple Macintosh and Atari ST were announced and developed, but never formally released. A unique game for its time, Portal was one part text-driven adventure (à la Zork or Planetfall) but with a graph…

Credits Release date

Release date 11/01/1986
Developer Nexa Corporation
Genre Interactive fiction
Publisher [object Object]
Platforms Commodore 64,Microsoft Dos


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Portal Download (1986 Adventure Game)
Portal Download (1986 Adventure Game)
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Title screen of Portal on the Apple II.



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