Princess Maker 2

Princess Maker 2

1993 (11/06/1995)

Genre: Vie, Simulation

Princess Maker 2 is the second installment in the Princess Maker series of life simulation games developed by the Japanese company Gainax. It has been translated into English, Korean, and Chinese. In this fantasy game, the player takes role of a war hero who raises a girl to the age of 18. At the end of the game, the daughter goes into a line of work; what this work is, how much talent she has for it, her marital life, and her overall happiness all depend on the player's actions.

Credits Release date

Release date 11/06/1995
Developer Gainax
Genre Vie, Simulation
Publisher Gainax
Platforms Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 2,PC Engine,Apple Mac,Microsoft Dos,Sega Saturn


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