Psychic Force

Psychic Force

1995 (02/01/1995)

Genre: Action, Combat

Psychic Force (サイキックフォース, Saikikku Fōsu) is a 1995 fighting arcade game created by Taito which was later ported to the PlayStation in 1996 and 1997. The PlayStation version was released by Acclaim in North America, and in PAL regions. The game was a 3D fighter which had combined the normal features of an arcade fighting game with psychic powers. There were eight playable characters available to choose from in the game and a final boss/secret character who is playable through the use of a code. P…

Credits Release date

Release date 02/01/1995
Developer Taito
Genre Action, Combat
Publisher Taito
Platforms Arcade,Sega Dreamcast


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