Racing Damashii

Racing Damashii

1991 (02/28/1991)

Genre: Arcade, Course

Racing Damashii (レーシング魂, Racing Spirit) is a motorcycle racing video game from Irem for the Game Boy handheld, released in 1991 exclusively in Japan. The game features tracks all over Japan. Racing Damashii was also released for the PC Engine.

Credits Release date

Release date 02/28/1991
Developer Irem
Genre Arcade, Course
Publisher Irem
Platforms PC Engine,Nintendo GameBoy


Racing Damashii 07/01/2014

Racing Damashii sur Game Boy est un titre de course de moto. Jouable seul ou à deux, que ce soit en mode Championship ou dans le mode Practice, votre objectif est...



Racing Damashii
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Racing Damashii
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