Rayman Designer

Rayman Designer

Genre: Plate-forme

Rayman Designer (known as Rayman's World in Germany) is a PC sequel to the original Rayman game, which features 24 new maps called Rayman's New Levels, and a program called Rayman Mapper that enables players to create their own levels, or play levels downloaded from others. Gameplay in the 24 levels, as well as new ones created by fans, occurs in the same six worlds, but does not involve finding cages and freeing the Electoons inside. Instead, Rayman must collect 100 blue Tings to make the exit …

Credits Release date

Release date 1997
Developer Ubi Soft Montpellier
Genre Plate-forme
Publisher Ubi Soft Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Microsoft Dos


Origin Story #9 : Rayman, une grande icone de l'ère PlayStation !

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Paru initialement sur PlayStation première du nom en 1995, Rayman, personnage insolite issu tout droit de l'imagination d'un dénommé Michel Ancel, aura...

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Découvrez le test de Crazy Dreamz: Best Of regroupant tous les meilleurs niveaux créés par sa communauté. Aujourd'hui, nous allons tester un jeu un...



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