Reflex Arena

Reflex Arena

2014 (03/07/2017)

Genre: Première personne, Tir

Reflex Arena (colloquially known as Reflex) is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Turbo Pixel Studios and released onto Steam's Early Access program on 4 November 2014, and launched out of Early Access on 8 March 2017. It is an arena FPS that is heavily influenced by the Challenge ProMode Arena mod for Quake III Arena. Players must navigate arena-like levels and fight other players using a focused set of situational weapons. Reflex uses an engine built from scratch specifically for …

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Official site
Date de sortie 03/07/2017
Developer Turbo Pixel Studios
Genre Première personne, Tir
Publisher Turbo Pixel Studios
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Engine Reflex Engine


Noddus teste Reflex Arena 03/17/2017

Reflex Arena | NoFrag Noddus teste Reflex Arena La semaine dernière, Reflex Arena est sorti sur Steam . Après deux ans passés en Accès Anticipé, le studio...



Reflex Arena
Reflex Arena
Reflex Arena


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Total 90 / 100



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