Remnants of Isolation

Remnants of Isolation

2015 (05/01/2015)

Genre: Role-playing

Magic is a curse. A plague upon the world and those that live in it. Those that are born with this curse unwittingly sap the mana from the earth they stand in. In order to prevent these abominations from draining away the world's lifeblood, they are locked away in a castle in an isolated dimension. It is in this castle that the cursed are to remain, removed from society so that their magic does not harm normal people.

Credits Release date

Release date 05/01/2015
Developer Team Isolation
Genre Role-playing
Publisher Degica


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Remnants of Isolation


Remnants of Isolation
Remnants of Isolation
Remnants of Isolation
Remnants of Isolation
Remnants Of Isolation - PC Game Download Free Full Version



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