Reprisal Universe

Reprisal Universe

2014 (09/15/2014)

Genre: Strategy

Thallos - once a mighty warrior and leader - is now forgotten and cast aside. His tribes scattered and his totems lost. Ananke with her brothers Erebus and Tartarus have risen against him, jealous of the favour their parents had shown him. Left for dead in exile, Thallos survived using the land around him. Although weak he knew his moment to restore his people and recover his totems would come. Biding his time, waiting. And that moment was before him, that moment was now …" Reprisal Universe tak…

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Release date 09/15/2014
Developer electrolyte
Genre Strategy
Publisher electrolyte


Mini-critique : Reprisal Universe 01/01/1970

En attendant la sortie finale de Godus, les aplanisseurs divins pourront ronger leur frein sur Reprisal Universe. Sorti il y a plus de 2 ans sur navigateur et toujours...



Reprisal Universe


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