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Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills

Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills

Genre: Musique

Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills (or Rhythm 'n Notes for short), known in Japan as Tenohira Rakushū: Zettai Onkan Training DS (てのひら楽習 絶対音感トレーニングDS, Tenohira Rakushū: Zettai Onkan Torēningu DS, lit. "Musical Palm: Absolute Sound Sensation Training DS") is a music game created by Agetec. It was released for the Nintendo DS in 2007. Its focus is on rhythm for drums and tonal patterns for piano.

Credits Release date

Release date 2007
Genre Musique
Publisher Agetec
Platforms Nintendo DS


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Serious Game Classification : Reader Rabbit 2 (1993)
SuperPhillip Central: 11/16/14 - 11/23/14
Serious Game Classification : Maisy's Playhouse (1999)
Serious Game Classification : Blue's Clues Preschool (2002)


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