Ricochet Lost Worlds

Ricochet Lost Worlds

Genre: Breakout clone

Ricochet Lost Worlds was developed by Reflexive Entertainment and is the sequel to Ricochet Xtreme. It features several new bricks, power-ups and background art. It also has the new "ring" feature, where you try to collect all the rings on each level. If you collect all five rings on every level, you become "Ring Master" and get the trophy at the end of the game. It is possible to beat the game without getting every ring, but it is less challenging.

Credits Release date

Release date 2004
Developer Reflexive Entertainment
Genre Breakout clone
Publisher Reflexive Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows


Super Mario Bros 3 The Forgotten Worlds - une suite officieuse pour The Lost Levels

rom-game.fr 07/10/2017

La scène homebrew aime réinterpréter l'histoire du jeu vidéo à grands renforts de hack en tous genres. C'est le cas de szemigi qui propose The Forgotten Worlds...



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