Roc'n Rope

Roc'n Rope

1983 (12/31/1983)

Genre: Action, Plate-forme

Roc'n Rope (ロックンロープ) is a 1983 arcade game developed and published by Konami (published by Kosuka/Interlogic in some markets). The player, a flashlight- and harpoon gun- equipped archaeologist, had to ascend a series of rocky platforms in a Lost World scenario to reach a Phoenix bird, the object of his quest. Along the way he had to avoid ferocious man-sized dinosaurs and belligerent red-haired cavemen against whom he had no direct means of offense. The only ways to defeat the opponents were eit…

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1983
Developer Konami
Genre Action, Plate-forme
Publisher Konami
Platforms Arcade,Atari 2600


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