Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi

Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi

Genre: Minigame, collection

Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi (せがた三四郎 真剣遊戯) is a Sega Saturn video game based on the Japanese television commercials of its lead character, Segata Sanshirō, who was the Saturn's corporate mascot in Japan. This game is actually a collection of mini games, each one based on the commercials he starred in, and include side-scrolling platform, memorization, button mashing and puzzle sequences. Successfully completing each one unlocks that given game's commercial. The game was released after the final …

Credits Release date

Release date 1998
Developer Sega
Genre Minigame, collection
Publisher Sega
Platforms Sega Saturn


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