Seiddab Trilogy

Seiddab Trilogy

1984 (12/31/1983)

Genre: Shoot 'em up

The Seiddab Trilogy is a series of video games designed by Steve Turner (as Graftgold) for the ZX Spectrum and published by Hewson Consultants. It consists of 3D Space-Wars (1983), 3D Seiddab Attack (1984) and 3D Lunattack. All three games were later published together as "The Seiddab Trilogy" by Hewson for the Rotronics Wafadrive. The series name is derived from the word "baddies" being spelt in reverse. Astroclone (1985), also programmed by Turner and featuring the Seiddab, is part of this ser…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 12/31/1983
Developer Graftgold
Genre Shoot 'em up
Publisher Hewson Consultants


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