Seisen Cerberus

Seisen Cerberus

1986 (12/31/1986)

Genre: Fantaisie, Puzzle

Seisen Cerberus (聖戦ケルベロス, Seisen Keruberosu, lit. Holy War Cerberus) is a Japanese role-playing mobile game released by GREE. The series has been adapted separately into both a manga, titled Seisen Cerberus: Mō Hitori no Eiyū (聖戦ケルベロス~もう一人の英雄~, Seisen Keruberosu ~ Mō Hitori no Eiyū ~), and an anime television series, titled Seisen Cerberus: Ryūkoku no Fatalite (聖戦ケルベロス 竜刻のファタリテ, Seisen Keruberosu Ryūkoku no Fatarite, lit. Holy War Cerberus: Fatalité of Dragon Time). The manga was published by Ko…

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Release date 12/31/1986
Genre Fantaisie, Puzzle
Publisher GREE


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