Serpent in the Staglands

Serpent in the Staglands

2015 (05/28/2015)

Genre: Jeu de rôle

A campaign within the world of Vol, a fully realized setting inspired by the late bronze age in a Transylvanian landscape, with unique politics, races and gods steeped in history. Featuring a chosen party of five, you role-play Necholai, a minor god of a celestial body who descends to the Staglands for a moonlit festival only to find the way home blocked and immortality slipping away. Seeking answers and aid, you take on a mortal body and the guise of a traveling Spicer. This isn't a story of go…

Credits Release date

Official site
Release date 05/28/2015
Developer Whalenought Studios
Genre Jeu de rôle
Publisher Whalenought Studios
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Linux,Apple OSX
Engine Unity


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Serpent in the Staglands


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gog 86 / 100
steam 60 / 100
Total 73 / 100



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