SGI Dogfight

SGI Dogfight

Genre: Avions, Simulation

Dogfight is a demonstration program initially written by Gary Tarolli (later founder of 3dfx) at Silicon Graphics, Inc. It represents landmarks in two key areas of Internet development: games and multicasting, and notable advancement in creating rendered virtual environments. Dogfight might more properly be referred to as three programs, flight, dog, and shadow. Flight is a flight simulator, dog is an air combat game in which multiple people use the flight interface to control their aircraft, an…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 1983
Developer Gary Tarolli
Genre Avions, Simulation
Publisher Silicon Graphics Incorporated


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Dogfight - скачать игру
Jet Dogfights Flight Sim Lite - Android Apps on Google Play
Dogfight - скачать игру
Dogfight - скачать игру
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