Shark Jaws

Shark Jaws

1975 (12/31/1975)

Genre: Horreur

Shark Jaws is a single-player arcade game by Atari Inc. under the name of Horror Games, originally released in 1975. An unlicensed tie-in to the movie Jaws, and believed to be the first commercially released movie tie-in, it was created to do a game about sharks eating people. Atari head Nolan Bushnell originally tried to license the Jaws name for the game, but was unable to secure a license from Universal Pictures. Deciding to go ahead with the game anyway, it was retitled Shark JAWS, with the …

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1975
Developer Atari Inc.,Horror Games
Genre Horreur
Publisher Horror Games
Platforms Arcade


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