Shattered Haven

Shattered Haven

2013 (03/18/2013)

Genre: Adventure

Grays roam the land, largely in the absence of human interference. These aren't your typical Zed -- theirs is a very different sort of apocalypse. Animals spontaneously transform into twisted, violent beings. The earth decays, collapsing into a network of abysses. The wilderness thickens. It has been nine years since That Day when it all started. Pockets of humanity still exist, but are ignorant of one another. Within these isolated havens people try to live as best they can -- for even in a wor…

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Release date 03/18/2013
Genre Adventure

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Shattered Haven
Shattered Haven
Shattered Haven


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gog 68 / 100
steam 50 / 100
Total 59 / 100



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