Shotest Shogi

Shotest Shogi

Genre: Board game

Shotest Shogi is a shogi AI engine made by Jeff Rollason made into a video game for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade developed by AI Factory and Rubicon Development. It provides a 3D environment designed to recreate a traditional Japanese room. The Xbox version will include a tutorial system, and all versions include a 'Western style' piece set option for players who are unfamiliar with Japanese characters. The AI engine has been competing in the Computer Shogi Championships since 1997, and has achiā€¦

Credits Release date

Release date 2008
Developer AI Factory / Rubicon Development
Genre Board game
Publisher AI Factory / Rubicon Development
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Engine Shotest


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Shotest Shogi full game free pc, download, play. Shotest ...
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Shotest Shogi full game free pc, download, play. S
Shotest Shogi - GameSpot
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