Smart Bomb

Smart Bomb

Genre: Puzzle, Stratégie

Smart Bomb is a timed puzzle video game for the PSP developed by Core Design. It was one of the first video games to be released on the PSP and was at first set to be a big game, yet many control flaws and repetition of levels meant that it was a relatively low selling game. This is the last game Core Design worked on before it closed its doors in March 2010. The aim of the game is to defuse a bomb on the screen while the timer counts down, each level is divided into tiers that get closer to the…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 2005
Developer Core Design
Genre Puzzle, Stratégie
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Platforms PSP


Dragon Blaze, le sommet de Psikyo - Le Serpent Retrogamer 04/13/2018

Au sommaire : L'évolution en contexte médiéval Une précision diabolique P comme Psikyo, P comme perfection ? L'an 2000 devait être l'année du futur...



Smart Bomb | PSP Games | PlayStation
Smart Bomb | PSP Games | PlayStation
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Smart Bomb | PSP Games | PlayStation


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