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Snake Rewind

Snake Rewind

Genre: Snake

Snake Rewind is a freemium mobile arcade video game developed and published by Rumilus Design and was released in May 2015 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Taneli Armanto, the developer behind the Snake game included by default in lots of Nokia phones that were produced 1997 and 1998, partnered with Rumilus Design to create this app. The game received positive and mixed reception from critics because of the glitchy control scheme.

Credits Release date

Release date 2015
Developer Rumilus Design
Genre Snake
Publisher Rumilus Design
Platforms Android,Apple IOS


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En cette fin d'année 2018, les quatre compères de l'émission Rewind s'attaquèrent à l'un des gros titres de la Playstation 2 sortie en 2002 : Metal Gear Solid 2...



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