Space Dungeon

Space Dungeon

1981 (12/31/1982)

Genre: Tir

Space Dungeon is a shoot 'em up arcade game released by Taito Corporation in 1981 and designed and programmed by Rex Battenberg. It was available both as a conversion kit and as a full arcade cabinet. Like Robotron: 2084 (1982), but preceding the release of that game, the controls for Space Dungeon are a pair of 8-directional joysticks: one for moving, one for shooting. Space Dungeon is one of the first twin-stick shooters, after Taito's earlier games Gun Fight and Boot Hill.

Credits Release date

Release date 12/31/1982
Developer Taito Corporation
Genre Tir
Publisher Taito Corporation
Platforms Arcade


Explorez un nouvel univers sur Lost Colonies : Space Dungeon 06/04/2015

A lire sur : Si vous aimez l'exploration spatiale, mais aussi les robots, les monstres et les combats qui s'ensuivent, vous avez frappé à la bonne porte ...



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App Shopper: 360 Space Dungeon (Games)
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