Space Rogue Classic

Space Rogue Classic

2017 (03/28/2017)

Genre: Role-playing, Simulation

Dropping out of hyperspace, you lay a course for Lagrange Station. Suddenly, the klaxon screams out a warning. Two Darts and a Corsair, closing fast. Pirates! You roll hard to avoid the incoming plasma torps. One hits, knocking down your rear shield. Spinning to protect your stern, you launch a heat seeker... Direct hit: the Corsair bursts into shards. Stunned, the Darts run for deep space. Later, over a pint of Rigelian in the Lagrange cantina, you listen as a bounty hunter tells of the Scarlet…

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Release date 03/28/2017
Genre Role-playing, Simulation


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Download Space Rogue - My Abandonware
Download Space Rogue - My Abandonware



gog 74 / 100
Total 37 / 100



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