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Spanish for Everyone!

Spanish for Everyone!

Genre: Éducation

Spanish for Everyone! is a language-learning Nintendo DS video game published by Activision. It was created and developed by an independent company, Humagade. It gained notoriety when its cutscenes, which contain subliminal stereotypical messages, were released on YouTube. The game's lead designer, Eric "EEX" Latouche, commented on OverClocked ReMix regarding the storyline and gameplay, clarifying that the game's undertones were intentional. The game has been mocked for its absurd storyline and …

Credits Release date

Release date 2007
Developer Humagade
Genre Éducation
Publisher Activision Blizzard
Platforms Nintendo DS


E3 : Exhibitors and Registration Information 02/13/2020

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) today announced that registration for E3 2020 : Everyone Plays will open February 15 at 11 : 00 AM EST, exclusively at www.



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