Speedy Eggbert

Speedy Eggbert

1998 (09/13/1998)

Genre: Plate-forme

Speedy Eggbert, originally Speedy Blupi, is a computer game for Windows-based PCs developed by EPSITEC and released in September 1998 as an independent title, to very little response to the media. It was later published by eGames and re-released as Speedy Eggbert. It is part of the Blupi series, and the successor to Planet Blupi. Although Speedy Eggbert was not a high-profile game when it was released, it managed to get its own fanbase. A sequel, Speedy Blupi II, was also released, and renamed b…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 09/13/1998
Développeur EPSITEC
Genre Plate-forme
Éditeur eGames


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