Stair Dismount

Stair Dismount

2002 (08/01/2002)

Genre: Dismounting Crash

Stair Dismount (also known as Porrasturvat) is a computer game originally made by Jetro Lauha of tAAt. It is a puzzle game where the goal is maximising the damage done to a 3D stickman figure; the player causes damage by applying a force to the figure to make it fall down a staircase. The stick figure's falls are accompanied by various sound effects — cracks, wails and groans — as it makes its way to the bottom. Stair Dismount uses ragdoll physics, so the figure is very floppy as it falls, like …

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Official site
Release date 08/01/2002
Developer Jetro Lauha
Genre Dismounting Crash
Publisher tAAt
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Linux


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Stair Dismount
Stair Dismount
Stair Dismount


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