stratO (video game)

stratO (video game)

2015 (06/01/2015)

Genre: Simulation

Glide, swoop, tuck, dive, magnetize, grind, walldrive, and burn your way through rings to advance the difficulty of the vast, procedurally-generated environment while avoiding the fog and getting stranded! This game demands a great deal of skill and is not suited for casual players or people susceptible to motion sickness.

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Release date 06/01/2015
Genre Simulation


6. Strato Patrol EOS 06/23/2015

Kirby Mass Attack : mini-jeu Strato Patrol EOS Condition : 35 médailles Objectif : shooter tout ce qui bouge à l'écran comme dans un Galaxian ou un R-Type.



stratO Free Download « IGGGAMES
stratO Free Download « IGGGAMES
stratO Free Download « IGGGAMES
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