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Ta•o Taido

Ta•o Taido

Genre: Action, Combat

Ta•o Taido (タオ体道) is a 1993 fighting arcade game developed and published by Video System. It was Video System's only attempt in the fighting game genre, and it was created during the fighting game trend of the 1990s that was popularized by Capcom's 1991 arcade hit Street Fighter II.

Credits Release date

Release date 1993
Developer Video System
Genre Action, Combat
Publisher Video System
Platforms Arcade


Canard n° 410 09/01/2020

Ô Diablo IV, toi qui es l’ombre du hack 'n' slash et de nous-mêmes, j’ai écrit ces paragraphes d’angoisse pour ta gloire et pour la honte. Toi le Doute et la...



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