Talvisota: Icy Hell

Talvisota: Icy Hell

2007 (11/16/2007)

Genre: Éducation, Temps réel

Talvisota: Icy Hell (Russian "Talvisota: Ледяной ад") is a real-time tactics and educational computer game, developed by the international developer group Blitzfront Game Studio and is based on the events of the Winter War (Finnish: Talvisota) conflict of 1939–1940 between Finland and the Soviet Union. The Finnish Board of Film Classification determined that Talvisota: Icy Hell is both a Real-time Strategy and an Educational game.

Credits Release date

Official site http://talvisota.net/
Release date 11/16/2007
Developer Blitzfront Game Studio
Genre Éducation, Temps réel
Publisher Blitzfront Game Studio,Nival Interactive
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Engine Enigma engine


Talvisota : Icy Hell sur HistoriaGames

histogames.com 01/01/1970

Talvisota : Icy Hell est un stand-alone réalisé avec le moteur Enigma de Blitzkrieg. Ce jeu vous plonge dans la guerre d'Hiver ou Talvisota en finnois...



Talvisota: Icy Hell
Talvisota: Icy Hell


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