Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop

Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop

2005 (03/03/2006)

Genre: Fête

Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop (たまごっちのプチプチおみせっち, Tamagocchi no Puchi Puchi Omisecchi) is a shop simulator game released by Bandai in 2006 for the Nintendo DS and has characters from the Tamagotchi series. It was later followed by Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2, released late that same year. The game requires the player to choose one of three Tamagotchi to run a store, playing a different mini-game for each store to serve customers.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 03/03/2006
Developer NanaOn-Sha
Genre Fête
Publisher Bandai
Platforms Nintendo DS


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