The Asskickers

The Asskickers

2015 (02/06/2015)

Genre: Action, Beat'em-up, Combat, Hack'n'slash

The Asskickers is a satirical re-imagination of the 2D arcade beat’em up. Join Alex, Diane and Marcus in their action-packed journey through the heart of the modern urban jungles. Wrongly accused, our three heroes will stand up to a corrupt political and financial elite and make white-collar criminals discover the lost art of asskicking.

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Release date 02/06/2015
Genre Action, Beat'em-up, Combat, Hack'n'slash


TEST. The Asskickers (PC, Mac) 12/23/2016

TEST. The Asskickers (PC, Mac) - Pfff les jeux vidéo de nos jours, c'est trop compliqué. Donnez-moi un bon vieux beat them all jouable avec un joystick à deux boutons.



The Asskickers


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