The Dead Linger

The Dead Linger

Genre: Shooter

The Dead linger is a zombie survival game where you have to scavange goods in order to survive. The Dead Linger have an infected feature where you become a zombie if not treated, however it can be treated with medicine whichs only delays the inevitable. You as a surivor has to defend yourself in a post apocalyptic world that is randomly generated, with hordes of zombies at your tail.

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Official site
Developer Sandswept Studios
Genre Shooter
Publisher Sandswept Studios
Engine UE4


IMPRESSIONS : The Dead Linger sort de terre 10/17/2013

Je n'aime pas trop catégoriser les jeux, mais il faut bien dire que l'accès anticipé de Steam, c'est un sacré fourre-tout. Quelques rubriques "alpha", "bêta"...



The Dead Linger
The Dead Linger
The Dead Linger


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