The Fish Fillets 2

The Fish Fillets 2

2007 (04/05/2007)

Genre: Puzzle

In this underwater puzzle game you control fish secret agents Max Flounder and Tina Guppy. Seemingly a common case turns into a tough fight with a mysterious enemy and the strings appear to lead pretty high. Fortunately, you are not alone. Cool crab brothers, a retired agentess, lost baby seahorse and peculiar pair of snails - all of them will join you to help you to discover the evil one.

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Release date 04/05/2007
Developer ALTAR Games
Genre Puzzle
Publisher Bohemia Interactive Studio


Patch sur Blight du 22/11/2017 (Delta 301 11/24/2017

Ce nouveau patch porté sur le serveur de test apporte de nombreux changements pour les niveaux faibles comme la refonte de Skaalkar (île tutoriel pour...



Fish Fillets 2
Fish Fillets 2
Fish Fillets | Bohemia Interactive
Fish Fillets 2 download PC
Fish Fillets 2



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