The Patrician

The Patrician

1992 (12/31/1992)

Genre: Simulation

The Patrician (German: Der Patrizier) is the title of a series of historical trading simulation computer games for MS-DOS, Amiga and Atari ST published by Ascaron Entertainment. In the games, the player assumes the role of a merchant in any of several cities of the Hanseatic League, accumulating money, capital and consumer goods, and real estate, expanding his company, and furthering his career at home and abroad.

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 12/31/1992
Developer Ascaron
Genre Simulation
Publisher Ascaron
Platforms Atari ST,Amiga,Microsoft Dos


The Patrician sur HistoriaGames 01/01/1970

The Patrician est le premier jeu de la série des Patrician sorti sur Amiga et Atari ST puis sur DOS. Il s'agit aussi du premier des développeurs allemands Ascon...



Download The Patrician - My Abandonware
Download The Patrician - My Abandonware
The Patrician 2 download PC
The Patrician 2 download PC
The Patrician 2 download PC



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