The Real Texas

The Real Texas

2016 (07/12/2016)

Genre: Adventure, Role-playing

Sam, an ordinary Texas rancher, is on holiday in England when he falls into a blue portal and lands in Strange, Texas. He soon discovers that this town has more than enough problems of it's own. The residents of Strange all seem to be pulled in and trapped from other times and places, just like Sam-- yet things here are oddly familiar. The Real Texas is a unique blend of action-RPG with strategic real-time combat and many-layered puzzles. Quests and story situations all play into the central mys…

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Date de sortie 07/12/2016
Genre Adventure, Role-playing


The Real Texas : un action/RPG indé à découvrir en vidéo 09/05/2011

Si vous êtes un texan en vacance dans un manoir anglais et que vous êtes passé par un étrange portail bleu pour vous retrouver dans la version texane de purgatoire...



The Real Texas
The Real Texas
The Real Texas


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The Real Texas Free Download « IGGGAMES
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