Tom and Jerry in House Trap

Tom and Jerry in House Trap

2000 (11/24/2000)

Genre: Action

Tom and Jerry in House Trap is an action video game released in 2000 for the PlayStation. The game was developed by Warthog Games and was published by NewKidCo in North America. In Europe, the game was published by Ubisoft and NewKidCo. Success published a Japanese version of the game in 2002. The game is an example of the trap-em-up genre, which also includes games like Heiankyo Alien, Space Panic, and Lode Runner. The gameplay is largely similar to the classic multi-platform Spy vs. Spy video …

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 11/24/2000
Developer Warthog Games
Genre Action
Publisher NewKidCo,Ubi Soft Entertainment,Success


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