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Genre: Aventure, Labyrinthe

Traxx is a maze game released in 1983 by Quicksilva for the ZX Spectrum (48K) and Commodore VIC-20 (+8K). The gameplay is similar to Amidar, where the goal is to color all of the lines on a grid of equally-sized squares. Unlike Amidar, the sections of the grid are not captured when surrounded; the goal is purely to color all of the lines.

Credits Release date

Release date 1983
Developer Salamander Software
Genre Aventure, Labyrinthe
Publisher Quicksilva


TheVic20 : Le Commodore Vic-20 en version mini - page 1- GamAlive 07/01/2020

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Le Vic-20 reprendra du service en octobre avec TheVic20 07/01/2020

Après le TheC64 qui fut décliné en versions Mini et Maxi, Retro Games Ltd et Koch Media proposera en octobre la version modernisée du Commodore Vic-20...



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