Trio The Punch – Never Forget Me...

Trio The Punch – Never Forget Me...

1990 (05/01/1990)

Genre: Beat'em-up

Trio The Punch: Never Forget Me... (トリオ・ザ・パンチ, torio za panchi) is an arcade game released by Data East in 1990. Chelnov and Karnov, were produced by the same director, and the three games are grouped together by Data East as the Deco-gē Trio (デコゲー3トリオ, dekogē torio). The game was re-released in 2007 as part of Oretachi Gē-sen Zoku (オレたちゲーセン族, lit. "We are the game center race"), a series which ported arcade games from the 1980s and 90s to the PlayStation 2. The mobile phone game company G-mode …

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 05/01/1990
Developer Data East
Genre Beat'em-up
Publisher Data East
Platforms PlayStation 2,Arcade


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