Truck Dismount

Truck Dismount

2004 (08/03/2003)

Genre: Simulation

Truck Dismount (also known as Rekkaturvat) is a computer game made by Jetro Lauha of tAAt. Truck Dismount is a simple stress-reliever, allowing players to release their anger on a 3D stick figure. The game has no other aim but to cause as much damage to the ragdoll physics man as possible. The figure can interact with ramps, a truck and a wall. Players can sit the man in the truck, on the cabin, on the very top, or stand him in front of it. The player sets the speed of the truck and where the ra…

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Official site
Date de sortie 08/03/2003
Developer tAAt
Genre Simulation
Publisher tAAt


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Truck Dismount
Truck Dismount
Truck Dismount


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Game Classification : Pendulumania (2003)
Game Classification : Search
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