2014 (02/05/2014)

Genre: Adventure, Role-playing

This is a fantasy based survival sandbox role playing game. The engine and game are a work in progress, so it does not perform as well as some games made on unity or other commercial engines, but it gets better with each iteration. To get a better feel for where the game is at, check for YouTube videos that were posted within the last month of your reading this.

Credits Release date

Official site http://www.nerdkingdom.com/game/index.shtml
Release date 02/05/2014
Developer Nerd Kingdom Inc.
Genre Adventure, Role-playing
Publisher Nerd Kingdom Inc.


Comics en Vrac : Wild Blue Yonder de Raicht, Howard et Harrison (Glénat Comics

maxoe.com 09/07/2017

Un seul comics cette semaine. Il nous raconte une lutte sans merci dans les cieux d'un monde post-apocalyptique. Vous n'avez pas peur du vide ? Wild



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