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Umineko: Golden Fantasia

Umineko: Golden Fantasia

Genre: Action, Combat

Umineko: Golden Fantasia, known in Japan as just Golden Fantasia (黄金夢想曲, Ōgon Musōkyoku), is a 2D versus fighting game developed and published by 07th Expansion. It is a spin-off of the Umineko When They Cry murder mystery visual novel series and was originally released at Comiket 79 on December 31, 2010. The game was ported to the Xbox 360 by Alchemist in October 2011 as Golden Fantasia X, including new characters and balance tweaks. An append disc for the original game, titled Golden Fantasia …

Credits Release date

Release date 2010
Developer 07th Expansion
Genre Action, Combat
Platforms Microsoft Windows,XBox 360


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