Vengeance of Excalibur

Vengeance of Excalibur

Genre: Jeu de rôle

Vengeance of Excalibur is a 1991 role-playing video game developed by Synergistic Software and distributed by Virgin Games. It is a sequel for Synergistic's 1990 title Spirit of Excalibur, set in Spain around the turn of the 10th and 11th Centuries. Vengeance of Excalibur puts the player in control of a small team of "Knights of the Round Table" who will seek out in Spain for the stolen items of the treasure of Camelot (the series advances the timeline of Arthurian lore 500 years past period whe…

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Release date 1991
Developer Synergistic Software
Genre Jeu de rôle
Publisher Virgin Games Inc.
Platforms Atari ST,Amiga,Apple Mac,Microsoft Dos


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Vengeance of Excalibur download PC
Download Vengeance of Excalibur | Abandonia
Vengeance of Excalibur download PC
Vengeance of Excalibur download PC
Download Vengeance of Excalibur | Abandonia


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