VR Soccer '96

VR Soccer '96

1996 (10/01/1996)

Genre: Sports

I'm sure you remember this game. It was the first soccer game that made you smell the grass and feel on your leg after every foul. You were playing from virtually any perspective with smooth and fast camera action that got you in the game. Its interactive technology didn't look better, but it played better. You do remember, don't you? Choose from 44 international teams and select the position you want to play. Try head to head or alternating play modes for one or two players and even more multip…

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Release date 10/01/1996
Genre Sports


Gog.com : les jeux en soldes pour le week-end - page 1- GamAlive

gamalive.com 11/05/2017

Comme d'habitude, Gog.com propose une bonne grosse liste de jeux en soldes pour quelques jours, histoire de vous permettre d'agrandir votre ludothèque...



Download VR Soccer '96 - My Abandonware
Download VR Soccer '96 - My Abandonware
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