Welkin Road

Welkin Road

2016 (04/13/2016)

Genre: Adventure, Platform, Puzzle

Welkin Road from screenshots may seem a bit unpolished or lacking, but it is a truly fun and challenging experience. It starts off with a fairly simple parkour-esque run and jump through the map to complete the level. A bit like a mirror's edge game without any enemies to get in your way. It then begins to evolve into more of a skill based puzzle as you discover the various orbs and their effects while trying to time your jumps correctly.

Credits Release date

Official site http://www.welkinroad.com/
Release date 04/13/2016
Developer Gregor Panič
Genre Adventure, Platform, Puzzle
Publisher Nkidu Games Inc.


Welkin Road : un jeu de parkour en early

jeuxpcmag.com 04/16/2016

Nkidu Games Inc a annoncé la sortie en early-access de Welkin Road. Il s'agit d'un jeu de parkour développé par une seule personne : Gregor PaniÄ�.

Welkin Road : Early Access Trailer - Trailer de jeu vidéo - Gamekult

gamekult.com 04/07/2016

Trailer Welkin Road : Early Access Trailer. Venez visualiser cette vidéo de Welkin Road. De nombreuses autres bandes-annonces et vidéos sont disponibles pour ce jeu...



Welkin Road


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