Wonder Momo

Wonder Momo

1987 (03/01/1987)

Genre: Beat'em-up

Wonder Momo (ワンダーモモ, Wandā Momo) is a 1987 beat 'em up arcade game that was developed and published by Namco exclusively in Japan. It was the company's last 8-bit arcade game (and the last that ran upon their System 86 hardware), and was ported to the PC-Engine in 1989, with both versions of the game later ported to the Wii Virtual Console. The game was also included in Namco Museum Encore for the Sony PlayStation and mobile on June 2005. Wonder Momo inspired a webcomic series in 2012, an anime …

Credits Release date

Release date 03/01/1987
Developer Namco
Genre Beat'em-up
Publisher Namco
Platforms Microsoft Windows,Android,Arcade,PC Engine


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