Worms United

Worms United

1996 (02/02/1996)

Genre: Strategy

An absolutely engrossing game that was responsible for many sleepless nights back in the 90s is back to bring more sleepless nights now! What's there not to like about teams of 10 worms unleashing hell against each other on a fully destructible map using a wide arsenal of fun and imaginative weapons? The answer is "nothing". Especially if you are using the multiplayer option. The look on your buddy's face when your well-placed holy grenade sends a bunch of his best worm-soldiers to a better plac…

Crédits Date de sortie

Date de sortie 02/02/1996
Genre Strategy


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Worms United - Download - Free GoG PC Games
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gog 94 / 100
Total 94 / 100



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