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Genre: Plate-forme

Xexyz (pronounced zeks'-zees/zeks'-iz), known in Japan as Kame no Ongaeshi - Urashima Densetsu (亀の恩返し〜ウラシマ伝説〜, Turtle's Repayment: Urashima Legend), is a 1988 video game published by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released in Japan on August 26, 1988, and saw a North American release sometime in April, 1990. The game was never released in Europe. The story takes place in the post-apocalyptic year of 2777, after Earth has been devastated by nuclear war and natural…

Credits Release date

Release date 1988
Genre Plate-forme
Publisher Giant Bomb}}
Platforms Nintendo Nes


Xexyz 12/19/2013

Xexyz sorti sur Nintendo NES en 1988 est un jeu alternant plate-forme et shoot'em up. L'histoire se déroule en 2777. Une guerre nucléaire et une série de catastrophes...



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