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Zafehouse: Diaries

Zafehouse: Diaries

Genre: Stratégie

Dear diary, Hell may be other people but they had enough decency to not gnaw on your head to get to the brains within. Every sunrise I see means we are that much closer to escaping the slavering zombie hordes that hunt in the night. We lost some good people in the last few days: Sam, whom we “convinced” that she should go with the Piper as live bait to lure some of the undead away from here, Zeke went out to explore to look for supplies...last I heard of him were his screams of pain in the dista…

Credits Release date

Release date 2012
Developer Screwfly Studios
Genre Stratégie
Publisher Screwfly Studios
Platforms Microsoft Windows


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gog 74 / 100
steam 60 / 100
Total 67 / 100