Beauty of the North

Beauty of the North

28 titles

Chris Norman


Record companyCDBaby
Copyright2015 Chris Norman
Release date2015-10-29
LabelsChris Norman


North Highland Country Dance, No. I
North Highland Country Dance, No. II
Atlantic Polka
The Parry Sound
Nova Scotia
La Have River Waltz
Quand Je Suis Pres De Toi
Reel Montreal
Reel Amos
Reel Rimouski
Reel St. Simeon
Valse Frontenac
The Beauty of the North
Rocky Brook
Castle Bay
Cape Wrath
Banks of Newfoundland
Scotch Cove
Gigue De Joliette
Valse Parisienne
Reel de Chicoutimi
Reel St. Jean
Reel Eboulement
Dirge of Mull
Mull Rant
The Way to Mull River
Sound of Mull
Mull River